Why visit the dentist every six months
This is necessary in order to detect serious diseases at the earliest stage. In this case, they will be much easier to cure without serious time and financial costs. The period of six months is set due to the fact that this time is enough to change the structure of the tooth. Preventive examinations by the dentist should not be neglected, even if you do not have any pain. Diseases of periodontal tissues can often be detected only by a doctor, since at an early stage they do not affect the general well-being of a person.
Recommended preventive measures

Hygiene measures that are held every six months or a year are an integral part of the program to preserve the beauty and health of every person's smile. Today, there is not a single dental clinic that does not offer a service called professional oral cleaning. In addition, even people with perfect teeth are recommended to conduct a comprehensive examination and cleaning.

The doctor prescribes a series of preventive procedures, based on the results of the preliminary examination. This can be influenced by several important factors:

The patient's gender and exact age.
General condition of the gums and tooth enamel.
The results of examinations and tests that may reveal a predisposition to the development of certain diseases.

After all the preliminary procedures are completed, the patient is referred to a dental hygienist. It is this professional who performs all the procedures prescribed by the dentist, aimed at improving the teeth.

As a rule, any therapy begins with a high-quality cleaning. After that, the teeth look much more attractive, and the breath becomes fresh. So effectively clean the oral cavity at home is impossible, even if you use the best pastes and brushes.
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Strengthening of enamel

Only after the surface of the teeth and the interdental spaces have been well cleaned, you can proceed to the next stage – strengthening the enamel. For this purpose, special lacquers, gels or applications can be used, which contain a large amount of calcium and fluoride in their composition. After that, the teeth become stronger and less susceptible to external influences, reducing the risk of developing harmful bacteria that cause caries.
If a specialist detects caries at the initial stage, it is also treated and fillings are placed. It is much easier to cure the problem at an early stage than to deal with an already advanced disease.

Reasons why people don't go to the dentist

The most important reason lies in the fact that people were brought up by whole generations, in which the fear of doctors was completely normal and justified. This was due to the fact that at that time the treatment of dental pathologies was much more painful, and the recovery period was longer and more unpleasant. Previously, high-quality anesthetics were not used, and the prevention of diseases was rather poorly developed.

It is important to understand that today the field of dentistry has made a big step forward. Today, the most reliable painkillers are used, new methods of filling without the use of a drill appear, and much more. In addition, the preventive measures that doctors offer the patient can significantly save on dental treatment, because they simply will never get sick.
Unjustified savings

Most often, before going to the clinic, a person is stopped only by the question of the need to spend money. Of course, if nothing bothers you, then why waste your money?

Here you should think a little and calculate everything in more detail. In the event that your teeth still get sick for some serious reason, you will have to spend much more money on treatment. At the same time, the process itself can be much more painful. Agree, it is much better to spend money for prevention, so that you never face serious problems in the future.
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